My latest project, which has the working title of Jerry Brent's War, is under way. The third novel in a trillogy about the RAF in wartime England. This story deals firstly with the British Blenheim Bomber, an aircraft completely outclassed by German fighters. It deals with the loves and losses of a young pilot and his struggle to maintain his courage and sanity when surrounded by staggering losses. But there is a silver lining to this story. The same squadron that flew the Blenheim will be the first squadron to be equipped with the new De-Haviland Mosquito.
All five of my published books are now available either on-line from this web-site or from the Renaissance Book Store, 43 6th Avenue, New Westminster, BC. Also from Reflections Book Store, 1111 Austin Avenue Coquitlam, BC V3K 3P4 (604) 939-6000
My books are also available from Amazon as well as being available for order through most book stores via the distributor, Red Tuque Books.
New Book in the works.
New Book - In Moonlight's Shadow.
My new book, In Moonlight's Shadow will be available from mid August
  1. I expected to have it sooner, but the manuscript has gone through
intensive editing over the last nine months. The time has been well spent
for I am sure this novel is my best work yet.
      I hope to launch it officially in September/October, possibly with the
Arts Council of New Westminster, of which I am now a member.
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